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Lake Almanor Fishing Report, March 30, 2014

We have Browns! and a little much needed precipitation here at Lake Almanor. Here what's been happening out on the water. The beautiful spring weather was pushed out by a cold front that moved through the area over the weekend. The front brought some rain and even a little snow to Lake Almanor (I had about 2 inches of the white stuff at Canyon Dam Boat Launch on Sunday morning) In addition to the moisture we saw an increase in SW winds but certainly nothing that was going to stop us from the pursuit of Trophy Browns, in fact the winds were generally light until about 10:30 each morning, totally fishable. The surface temp lost a few degrees due to the front which is actually a good thing, and should keep the big browns on the chew. Despite the drop in surface temps, large bug hatches continue to pop all along Almanor's east shore as well as the peninsula, providing yet another good source of food for these already obese Almanor fish. The storm also brought a drop in traffic to the lake, that said, there were still a fair amount of people out taking advantage of the opportunities both in boats and from shore.

Our catch has been 95% Browns with a few Kings as well as a few big Bows in the mix. With Browns running 3 to 7.5 pounds, Kings that are 20 inches and over 3 pounds as well as Bows going 3 to 5 pounds this is some exciting spring action. The Quest for Big Browns in 2014 continues, stay tuned, more are on the way. Enjoy the pictures click them to see a larger view.


Lake Almanor Fishing Report, March 21, 2014

The Spring Brown Bite Continues! Got a few minuets in the office and wanted to throw out a quick update. The beautiful spring weather has the Almanor Browns in high gear and aggressively hammering out baits, sending many of them completely airborne. The quality of the fish has been outstanding this season, probably due to the massive amount of feed in the form of Pond Smelt these fish have been eating. To give you an idea we are seeing some fish break the 5 pound mark at 22 inches in length, and break the 7 pound mark at only 25 inches. Those are some thick fish. Here are some trophies from recent "Brown Hunting Adventures" Enjoy the pictures and I will see you on the water.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, March 11, 2014

Browns, Browns, Browns!!!! Have I got your attention? The Almanor spring Brown Bite is on and we are taking advantage of it. This is some of the most exciting fishing of the year with big tough Browns slamming out bats while the rod is in your hand. Lets re-cap the recent weeks of fishing. As the temps have been mild and most days warmer these fish have kicked into spring mode. Most days have been outstanding fishing for these trophies with solid numbers of hook ups and fish running from 3 to 6 pounds. That said, this is fishing, and in the spirit of full disclosure, there have been a few tough days on the water, where weather, wind and water conditions have had me working over time to get some fish hooked up, but over all the bite is about as good as it gets. In addition to the Browns we are seeing just a few really nice Rainbows and a few Smallmouth Bass or "SMB's", and while not the intended targets, they are sure fun to catch. If you have been waiting to get in on some of this spring time brown action, now is the time. I do have a few days available but the are going fast.

Beth's Biggest Brown 6 lbs.

Beautiful Browns

Browns in the Rain

Jake likes it

An Ocassional Big Bow

Big "SMB"

First Brown of the morning, not a bad way to start.

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, February 13, 2014

The east shore is where it is at! Mother Nature gave us a little boost in the precip totals by sending in a pretty good storm over the last weekend bringing much needed rain to the Almanor basin. Those of you who have read these reports in the past, know rain and snow generally doesn't stop me from getting charters out but this storm was packing some pretty good winds as well that made the lake un-fishable so I had to postpone a couple of days until the front cleared. Early in the week we hit the water under a mostly clear sky and almost zero wind and mild temperatures. The biggest weather event we had to deal with this week was lots of thick fog. The Lowrance radar really got a work out, one of the days we fished in heavy fog all day with it only lifting as we were headed back into the docks. I started fishing along the east shore at a couple of my favorite spots and found plenty of fish chasing smelt right on the surface. Despite the good number of fish in the area we were only hooking a few Rainbows and the bites as well as the fish activity faded quickly. Time for "Plan B"  We ran up the east side near Hamilton Branch, despite the increased flows out of the powerhouse the water only had a slight stain to it. Certainly fishable. I began marking fish shallow as well as deep so we took a split approach, Arctic Fox Flies up top on the outriggers and spoons down deep on the Cannon Downriggers and the rewards started stacking up. Over the course of the week we managed to hammer a mix of Browns, Bows and Kings from 2 pounds to just over 23 inches and 5 pounds. The surprise of the trips was the quality of the King Salmon, we caught several 15 inch models but most of them were 19 to 19.5 inches and fat, just in incredible shape for this time of year and a hell of a lot of fun to fight on the light tackle. This is winter time trout fishing at its best.

Big Bow

Nice King Salmon

Lake Almanor Fishing Report, February 1, 2014

The winter trout bite at Lake Almanor is happening now! We hit the water for looking for some quality Almanor fish, and we were not disappointed with our mix of mostly Rainbows and a few Browns, all thick "chunks" running 2.5 to 3.5 pounds and loaded with loaded with pond smelt. Traffic was light on the lake as we only saw several other boats late in the morning on our run from the dam to Big Springs. That may have been due to the cold morning temps or Super Bowl preparations or a little of both, either way we basically had the lake to ourselves. The morning bite was best, and in addition to the fish that were hammering our rods there were plenty of others tailing on the surface chasing smelt and gorging themselves. Our hottest action came on Arctic Fox Tube Flies in the Pond Smelt pattern (go figure) fished from the surface to 15 feet. We also landed fish on orange pattern fly as well as soft plastic smelt imitations. I'm a firm believer in using scent on all my artificial baits so all of these offerings were enhanced with Pro-Cure's Trophy Trout Gel, although at the cold 38 degree water temp the scent releases very slowly but I still like to run it. Look for the great winter bite to continue as we go through the month.


Nice Brown

Another in the net!

Fat Bow

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